Does The Commission Machine Really Work

In short the answer is, you bet your sweet ass it does! I have been studying affiliate marketing since 2004 through 2007 and had yet to figure out how to make commissions as an affiliate until I bought the commission machine. I had learned how to make a website and use the autoresponder systems to put everything in place but I never learned how to get people to my website to get clicks.

Michael Cheney being a professional super affiliate didn’t leave anything out of his program when he created the commission machine. You see, most people’s problem isn’t knowing how to build a website or a sales page, or even writing a series of messages for their autoresponder, but the problem is knowing how to get people to see their offers. This problem has been cured within the system.

I joke around when I say that I could punch Michael Cheney in the face for not showing up sooner in my life with this system he has mastered. That is just my way of saying that I am glad he came late than never. I have literally wasted several years of my life buying product after product trying to figure out how to start making affiliate commissions. Let me just show you inside my JVzoo account of all the products I have purchased.

A couple of the latest products I have purchased was something that I felt could help me make money as an addition to affiliate marketing and some of those products were tools to aid me in my journey. These are a lot of screen shots because I purchased a total of 192 products.

jvzoo screenshot







Ok you need to trust me on this, I have many more images of products that I purchased on JVzoo that would take up a mile of this web post. The bottom line is that the commission machine will keep you from buying the next shiny object to just promoting affiliate offers and making you money. Check out the commission machine here, you won’t regret it.

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