Fiverr Is A Money Making Career

Fiverr is a place where people go to get certain tasks done for only $5 such as getting a logo created, voice overs for their videos, and even testimonials for their products. Fiverr is more than just getting someone to do a job for you because you can actually be the person offering a job for others making yourself good money. There are people making enough money to earn themselves a full time living doing the things they love to do.


Jobs You Can Do On Fiverr

  • Logo Creation
  • Voiceovers for Video
  • Video Testimonials
  • Website Design
  • SEO & Backlinking
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Unsual Things

This is a very small list of jobs you can do or get done for you depending on what you are looking for as a career or just looking for a place to get things created for your existing business. The cool thing about working full time on fiverr is there are so many gigs that people do you can even outsource from there and never have to create a gig yourself. Let me explain more in detail.

Outsourcing On Fiverr

Assuming you want to work on fiverr and make money either full time or part time, outsourcing is a great way to go. Lets say you don’t know anything about graphic design but creating logos is a hot seller. You can find someone that has a great reputation and good reviews on designing logos and buy the gig yourself from them and sell it to your clients. There isn’t a lot of money to be made on the front end sell but where you make the money is on the upsells you can offer.

You can even buy the upsells from the person you are outsourcing from but charge your clients a little more.The upsells on fiverr are called “gig extras” and you can offer as many upsells as you like. Even if you don’t want to outsource you can still work on fiverr doing the things you know how to do and offer great upsells to your work.

Promoting Your Gig on Fiverr

You can easily promote the gigs you offer on fiverr right inside of fiverr itself. The best way to do this is find other sellers that are selling things that would compliment what you are offering. You can then message them to promote your gig to them and tell them they can sell your gig as an upsell to their clients. Fiverr is the best place to promote your gig since it is targeted traffic.

It is easy to get started on fiverr and they have a very simple sign up process. Get started with your new fiverr career today.

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