Get Traffic to Your Offers with a Website

bg2Maybe you already have a website or maybe you don’t. You can get traffic to your offers with a website even if you don’t have a mailing list yet. If you have tried getting traffic to your site and failed, maybe it was because you were trying the old seo tricks that are no longer valid. A long while back we were taught to make sure we have the keywords in the title, and make sure you have the keyword in the first sentence of the paragraph and things like this. Spread your keywords out 3 to 4 times in the article and make sure you bold the keywords a few times.

This method is called on page seo and it still isn’t a bad idea to implement some of these strategies but it isn’t going to get your website ranked all by itself. The whole idea behind having a website in the first place is to get people to your offers or squeeze pages so you can sell to them, and these old seo tactics worked at one time but now the search engines wants something more, and that is “content”.

We have all heard the saying that content is king and this is true to a certain point. The content must be relevant to the title and keyword because you can’t just stuff in your keywords with an irrelevant article and expect to rank well. If you build a website with a lot of content that is relevant you will do well in the search engines. So how much content will be enough?

How Many Words Should My Articles Have?

While there are no proven numbers I will tell you that each article you write should add value to your reader’s. I always make sure to write no less than 300 words per article, it’s not too long or short but just right. Sometimes I find myself writing 600 to 700 word articles and that’s good too. Just as long as you get the message across and adding value you will be fine and the word count won’t be a huge factor. Google isn’t counting words, they are looking at the value the content is providing so keep this in mind.

Personally when I write I try to have my paragraphs to be 4 to 5 lines and 100 words for each paragraph because this spreads the content out nicely on the webpage. Sometimes I use another paragraph line if I have more than 5 lines to write for each topic and that is fine too. Again, the most important factor is value and not word count but I still like having 300 words minimum in an article, just my preference.

Create Backlinks to Your Articles

In order to get traffic to your offers and website you need to create some good backlinks. I would suggest you start out doing this manually by creating social media post with links to your website and articles on as many platforms as you can. Once you done this you can look for other ways to get backlinks. Here are few ways to get good backlinks.

  1. Social Monkee – Social Monkee will allow you to generate 25 backlinks a day with their lower plan; this is a great way to go.
  2. Fiverr – There are many gigs on Fiverr where people can blast your links for you to get good backlinks.
  3. Free Resource – Here is 100% free way to get 325 backlinks. Click here.

After you get to this point then go back and create more content and try to aim for at least 20 to 30 pages of content. This should have you a well established website with enough traffic to your offers to start making sales.

What about you? Are you implementing any different strategies for driving traffic to your offers and website’s?

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