How to Build a Hungry List of Buyers

Build a hungry list of buyers is very easy to do if you implement it the right way and today’s post will teach you how to do this. Having just an email list isn’t enough to grow your business, you need a list of hungry buyers and not just a list of freebie seekers. I am going to show you how I build my list of nothing but people that have bought something from me either from my own product I created, or from affiliate offers I have promoted.

The first thing you will need is a product to sell, it can be your own product or an affiliate product that you are promoting. I mostly promote other people’s products as an affiliate and this works really well in building a list of hungry buyers. You will also need a platform to find products to promote such as JVZoo, Clickbank, or any other platform. In my opinion JVZoo is the best affiliate platform and it works great for me.

Tools You Need To Build A Hungry List Of Buyers

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Autoresponder Service
  • JVZoo Account
  • YouTube Account

You can actually build a hungry list of buyers without needing a website but I put this in the list because you really should have a website. Having a website helps build your authority and makes you look professional, and ideally you will want to send people from your YouTube videos to a page on your website that you created to promote your offer. I have found that this method converts better than linking your affiliate url straight from YouTube.

I highly recommend using GetResponse autoresponder service since JVZoo integrates with it and when people buy through your affiliate link they automatically get placed on your email list and since they bought something this means that they are a buyer, turning them into one subscriber for your hungry list of buyers. To keep you from scrolling miles down this page I have created a video of the steps you need to take to build this hungry list of buyers.

Page Builder Software

This is a very simple process to start building your hungry list of buyers. If you have your own methods please share with us, I appreciate your comments and input.

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