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How To Stop Serial Refunders On JvZoo

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Creating a how to stop serial refunders on JvZoo post has been on my mind lately so I though it was time to create an article with a video on this topic. If you are just a buyer of digital products only then this may not affect you, or will it? It might not affect you at the moment but it could have a serious impact on you in the future if you ever decide to make money online and promote through the top marketing platform which is JvZoo. Watch the video below for a detail explanation, or you can continue to read below.

Most consumers of digital goods don’t care how many times they refund and many do it often. These are known in the marketing space as “serial refunders”.The question is; why do people refund so much to cause such a need for this article? What can be done about it? What kind of impact does it have on the consumer? I will explain in detail how if could affect the buyer, the product vendor, and the affiliate seller.

The Reason Most Consumers Refund

The number one reason most consumers will refund often to the point where they are labeled serial refunders is they find a product for sale on JvZoo, and the seller has such great bonuses that the consumer buys the product just to get their hands on that “I’ve got have that bonus”. After they get the bonus they then refund on the main product because they didn’t want it anyway. This is very unethical to do but a lot of people do it.

Impact That Serial Refunders Have On Themselves?

If the consumer just always buys products from the JvZoo seller to use in their online – offline business,it really doesn’t impact them. If the serial refunder decides they want to make money online as an affiliate then they shoot themselves in the foot because if you have a 12% or more refund rate, then nobody is going to approve them to promote their products. This is one reason we always need to think about our future before making rash decisions.

How It Affects The Affiliate Marketer

Unfortunately when people buy through your affiliate links and they refund, this goes against your refund rate as an affiliate. I know it seems unfair but this is how it is on JvZoo. One reason they do this is to prevent affiliates from promoting to bad email lists or even scraped lists. Vendors always wants you to promote to a good buyers list and not a bad refund list.

How Affiliates Identify Serial Refunders and Remove Them From Your List.

Log into your JvZoo affiliate dashboard and click on the affiliates menu. On the dropdown menu choose transaction. On the “Quick dates” dropdown choose “all Time” and click search. This will show you every sale you made as an affiliate. Look to the right column where it says “sales/refunds”. Non-refund will display as COMPLETE, but refund. will say refund.

Look to the left column and copy the pay key I.D. and send that to the vendor and ask them to provide the email and name of the buyer that made that refund transaction. Go to your email list and remove that person so they will not impact your refund rate anymore.

If they have only came up once as a refunder then I wouldn’t jump the gun so quick. Do the same process with any other refunds that shows in your dashboard, and if the same email address comes up a few times then it’s time to get rid of them.


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