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bryantHi, My name is Bryant Dodd and I am not going to show you some screenshots of how much money I make online or tell you that I am making millions, that would be a lie. I am successful online but I am not a millionaire. Let me start from the beginning and tell you my story of how I got where I am today. I was first introduced to the world of internet marketing back in 2007, and the first mailing list I was on was a guy name Mike Filsame, you may have heard of him. Mike is a great guy and a successful internet marketer and I do admire him for his success.

I remember the first optin ad I saw from Mike, it was telling me how I could be successful and if I submitted my name and email he would show me how to be successful online. I didn’t know how internet marketing worked at the time, so I gave my name and email but when I read his ebook it didn’t give me the keys to everything I needed, instead I had to buy a product to get the real goods. I was frustrated and thought that this marketing stuff was a load of crap and I forgot about it. A year or two later there were still people talking about making money online so I got back into it.

I finally gave in and started buying some products thinking if I was ever going to be successful online I had to spend money to make money. I probably spent somewhere around $3000 – $4000 before I ever started making money online and I had bought some great products and some terrible ones along the way. I admit, it was a hard road that I traveled and spent many hours at my computer away from my family but it did pay off.

I realized the e-book Mike gave me was a great product and was a tool to help me be successful. You see he gave me the “tool” and not the “result”. This is where so many people miss the opportunity to succeed, they think that people sell them a result when in-fact it is a tool used to get the results. We must put in the work and take action to see the results.

I have worked for a local government in my town for that past 17 years and I have a killer retirement built up and I am about vested enough to call it quits very soon. It is my goal and passion to help those that are where I once was struggling with making money online. There are no magic push button systems that will bring you in money overnight but there are systems out there that works, you just have to find the right method for you. No matter what niche you go into you can make money if you know how to do it right.

I have a free newsletter where I send out information that will help you be successful, and I give away information that most others charge for. If you haven’t signed up for my free newsletter I would encourage you to do so, and start on the right path to success.

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