Should I Go Where The Traffic Is Or Let It Come To Me

traffic-332857_640Should I go where the traffic is or let it come to me? Traffic has always been a mystery to most starting out online. I have bought many courses that say different things about website traffic, and have tried to take everyone’s advice but nothing worked for me except what I learned over the years. I am going to share with you how website traffic relates to the traffic we see on the highways and streets.

While I am explaining website traffic I want you to think about the physical vehicle traffic you see everyday. Hopefully breaking this down in this manner will open your eyes to the way you view website traffic. I want to ask you a question. Before the internet came along what did people do to get customer’s to their stores, or yard sales? These will be the things we focus on to help give you an understanding of the way things work. Keep in mind that nothing has changed as far as the way we do business.

It has been said that if you want to get massive traffic then you need to go where the traffic is and not let the traffic come to you. I strongly disagree with this and I will tell you why. I am going to use a yard sale in my examples so you can relate to it, but this principle will apply to any online business as well. OK let’s begin.

Let’s say that you are holding a yard sale so you can sell your things to people. The initial thought of thinking that you could get more customer’s if you held your yard sale on the side of the busy highway almost makes sense, but not quiet. Think about this; where are people going when they are on a busy highway? Some may be going to work while others may be going shopping, or to visit a relative. The point is they already have their destination planned.

If everyone on the highway passed by your yard sale they would look and think to themselves that they would love to stop and check out your products but thy have places to go and people to see. Maybe 1 or 2 out of 100 people passing by might not be pressed for time and turn around to come see what you are selling, but the majority just don’t have time to stop. The highway is very busy and noisy and there is too much traffic to make it worth their time to turn around and stop at your yard sale.

In order for your yard sale to be effective and bring in customer’s you have to prepare the people for your yard sale. How would you prepare people to make plans to visit your yard sale? You would place an ad in the local newspaper announcing the date and time of your yard sale, and the location you will hold the yard sale. Once those true dedicated buyers see your ad they will make their plans around your yard sale so they can come buy a great deal. Does this remind you of launching a product online? Getting the word out via email marketing and maybe Facebook ads?

If you announce your yard sale people will come that are true yard sale shoppers. You know, those that love to find great bargains. This way it wouldn’t matter if your yard sale was on the highway or on the side street. Think about what I just said and apply it to online marketing. You can go to the massive traffic spots like forums and Facebook pages and groups, but people are too busy riding down that highway of selling their own products. It is very congested.

So the better way to get traffic is to bring that traffic to you just like you would do with your yard sale. This business model of targeted traffic is called; niche marketing. You find those small groups that loves to go yard selling, and you better bet they will show up once you announce where it is and what day and time it will be. So with that said; in order for you to be successful online you must announce where your website is and what types of products it is you are selling.

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