Best Autoresponder With No Monthly Fees

I am going to reveal to you my free software that will help you to outrank YouTube videos in one day or less. This software I am going to give away with no strings attached simply allows you to see top ranked videos tags they use for their keywords to help them rank. You will then be able to use those tags and rank your video either above theirs, or right under their video.

You will be able to land at the very least on the first page of the second largest search engine which of course is YouTube. When you install my software on your own web host server you can be in control of a video ranking system that only you can use.

Outrank Youtube Videos In Just 3 Easy Steps

After you install the software you just go over to YouTube and search your top ranked video in the niche you want using any keyword you wish. Then choose the top ranked video and click on it to watch it, so you can grab the video url.

YouTube Video Search

Then head over to where you logged into your software and paste that video URL in the box after creating a new campaign.

YouTube Video Rank Software

You will then see all of the tags that the top ranked video uses, and you can take those tags and use them in your YouTube videos to outrank them, or at least take the second or third spot on the first page. Your video will be ranked and seen more often when others search YouTube.

This is very helpful when you are promoting CPA or affiliate offers. Even if your goal is to get people to your website for more organic reach. Tube Rank Machine is not only good for ranking a video, but you can use those same tags to rank a webpage.

This is how simple it is to outrank any YouTube video within one day or less. You can get this software from my other page here.

Today I am giving my complete unbiased instafunnel review which is a complete marketing solution for everyone from seasoned marketer’s or newbies. With instafunnel you don’t need to have an autoresponder, or a website to start making affiliate commissions. I will review the pros that I like and the cons.

Instafunnel Overview

Instafunnel consists one lead magnet and 5 products you sell in an automated funnel that you get 100% commissions from those sales. Once someone gets your lead magnet by entering thier email, you automatically capture the lead within the instafunnel software. Here is a further break down and how simple it is to set your instafunnel.

Instafunnel Simple Process

Simply Sign up for a free JvZoo affiliate account to obtain your account affiliate i.d. and enter your affiliate i.d. in the top field. Then click on each product under the Jack Jacker Gold button and request approval to get paid for the products in the funnel. When asking for approval just mention you are an instafunnel member to get approved.

instafunnel step 1

Add Autoresponder Option

If you use Aweber or a member of the myMailit autoresponder you can optionally add those and have your subscribers go into those lists, but an autoresponder isn’t required. Instafunnel will still capture the email subscribers and you can download those and import into any autoresponder you wish since you have captured those leads legally from the optin page. You can also just email them other promotions using your gmail or other email services and skip an autoresponder.

Simply Share Your Instafunnel link

The last step is to share your instafunnel lead magnet link and that link will send people to your Jack Jacker Gold plugin giveaway and then send them through the funnel of the products you signed up for without you having to send out emails yourself. The instafunnel system will send out a series of emails to your subscribers that will get them to click on the links to the other products and you get 100% commissions for each product they buy in the funnel.

The lead magnet link you share is found in the resources section along with graphics and banners you can use on your website. When people click on those graphics it will send them to the Jack Jacker Gold optin page.

instafunnel share link

This is all there is to setting up the system, and it is easier than what you read in this review of instafunnel. Instafunnel is really a full marketing system to help you build an email list and make easy affiliate commissions.

Check out Instafunnel now to start building your email list and earning passive commissions. I highly recommend instafunnel to anyone whether your a seasoned marketer or very brand new.

Everyone wants to get traffic to their YouTube videos and website to get those clicks to their offers or services. I now use a secret method to get my videos ranked which leads visitors to my websites. You may have heard a variation of this method but I don’t think you have my method. My method is a unique YouTube keyword training to rank videos faster than ever.

If it wasn’t for me getting people to my website, I wouldn’t be able to make commissions on my affiliate sales and I would be wasting my time. The method I use consist of a few different sources but YouTube being the main key to making this work, but like I said, YouTube is where the magic happens. My other source is using Reddit alongside of YouTube.

You can make this method work without Reddit but it sure does enhance the click rates to my site. When making this system work you have to have Good Keywords in the title of your video and proper SEO tactics, coupled with a commenting system to fire this thing off right.

I am sure you have seen or maybe even purchased products that promised YouTube keyword and SEO training that is sure to get you traffic but there is nothing like my YouTube Traffic Explosion method.

I could post this method in this article but it is pretty lengthy, but I did have this method transcribed into a video course. I can give this course away but I don’t want to give it to everybody and their cousins, so I come up with a way that only a select few can get it.

“Get YouTube Traffic Explosion Below”

So here’s the deal. When you get the traffic explosion training you can use it and charge a service to local businesses, and use it for yourself. You will need this training to get traffic to your local marketing website so you can get local clients to cash in really big.

The other option is to pay someone to get traffic to your website and services but that will cost a lot of money, and you will pay monthly to have someone keep you ranked so you can get that traffic. However, with YouTube Traffic Explosion you will have the secret method to do it yourself and for clients if you choose to make money with it.

What’s The Catch To Get It?

Simple. All you have to do is purchase LocalProfits360 and I will hand my secret training to you. With LocalProfits360 you can find clients that need help with their websites, FaceBook pages, SEO, and they will gladly pay you a huge sum of money to provide these services for them. LocalProfits360 comes with software that will let you search for leads with the issues you can fix using My YouTube Traffic Explosion and the other training inside of LocalProfits360.

YouTube Traffic Explosion

There is a lot of money you can make with local marketing, I even do it myself with my affiliate marketing. My Secret YouTube Keyword Training will be inside of the bonus area of JVZoo when you purchase LocalProfits360.

So what is the difference between SMTP mail server and your average email platform that you’re used to using? You may not be aware of this but all email that goes out is sent by an SMTP relay. The only difference between SMTP and all of your other popular email services is that you never see the the SMTP settings because they are setup on the backend.

A lot of people get put off about SMTP because of having to set up a few settings to make it work. If you look at email platforms such as Aweber, Getresponse, and all other popular services, they all use SMTP relay behind the scenes and we as end users do not have to mess with. This is one of the differences between these popular email platforms and SMTP email services as we call them.

The bottom line is all outgoing email uses an SMTP relay no matter how the platform is setup or how that platform is designed.

Now that we know what SMTP is let’s talk about how we can benefit from using our SMTP email platform to send messages and build a mailing list cost-effectively.

The only thing you must ask yourself now is; if all email is sent through an SMTP relay with any email service out there, why pay a monthly fee to have your email sent? I asked myself the same question, along with thousands of others, and it didn’t make sense to me to spend money every month when there is a solution.

What is the solution?

There are some decent WordPress plugins that will do it but they don’t provide optin forms. There is a solution that I use which is the myMailit platform which is cloud based like all of the other big name autoresponder services but with just a one time cost.

You can check out myMailit here. One thing that I love about this service besides the no monthly fees is they provide everything that the big guys provide such as optin forms and done for you landing pages. They are also Cann Spam compliant, meaning this software has the unsubscribe option that goes out with each email. It also has a double optin which is optional.

If putting in a few SMTP setting works just as good, if not better than the popular autoresponder services and saves you monthly fees then why not right? Since I use myMailit I have put an image below to show you how simple the setting will be and there is video training on this inside the software. I did block out my mail server info and address for privacy reasons.

myMailit Settings Image

I use my own webhost SMTP for my account. This option is better since your not on a shared email platform, because it only uses your domain settings that only you have access to. Using email platforms that have shared domains can cause your open rates to be very low as well as higher spam issues which affects open rates. Let me explain what I mean by shared domains.

Let’s say that you are using a service like Every account that is created uses their main domain or sub domain to serve your login dashboard. The same domain is used for other users too. If those other users get spam complaints it could spill over to your account. It is the domain that gets the penalty and not you personally, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.

This is why I prefer SMTP services such as myMailit. myMailit has everything you need in an autoresponder service. Below are some of the forms they have. These are just some of the forms, not all of them.

optin form images

I hope you have a better understanding of SMTP email services and can make an informed decision about saving money on monthly fees.

Check out myMailit for yourself or at least look at it and get more details by visiting the link. Check Out myMailit.

I want to cover what I think is the best autoresponder with no monthly fees, and tell you why I believe this is the best choice. Before you get excited and think that all smtp autoresponders aren’t good, you need to read the entire article and check out the demo video.

I do agree that most smtp autoresponders are crap and let me tell you why they are crap. Deliverability with these are great but the problem I have ran into is most don’t provide a way to add an optin form. The platform I will show you fixes that issue which makes it a no brainer solution to avoid monthly fees.

You will want to stay away from plugin type autoresponders because they only complicate your WordPress dashboard and most aren’t good period. Here is what you will want in an smtp autoresponder.

  1. They provide optin forms.
  2. They are cloud hosted meaning you login to another site just like the big guys.
  3. They are GDPR compliant.
  4. Cann Spam Compliant.
  5. No monthly fees, or yearly fees.

Check out the demo video below on the best autoresponder without any fees.

best autoresponder image

myMailit meets all of the above criteria listed and you won’t find all of these features in any other autoresponder service out there that has no fees ever, except the initial cost which is peanuts as of now. This is great for email service no matter what your skill level is and how large or small your list is.

Pick Up My Special On This Autoresponder

What about JvZoo integrations to collect emails after someone buys my product or through my affiliate link? It’s not an issue to capture the email from a buyer to build your buyers list. Let me give you some tips that top marketer’s do even when they are integrated with JvZoo.

For affiliates: Instead of putting your bonus delivery page link inside JvZoo, send them to an optin page and specify to fill out the form to get the bonuses. People will fill the form out because they want the bonuses. Then when they click the submit button redirect them to the bonus delivery page. For double optin you can optionally set up the autoresponder sequence after they confirm their email, your message can have the bonus delivery page link in it.

For sellers: When the buyer gets to your product delivery page or membership home page, put an optin form there so they can get updates to the product. You know they will only see this form inside the delivery page after they purchased, so they are a buyer.


myMailit is the better choice of an autoresponder with no monthly fees to run your online business. When you come to my home page here, you will see the myMailit optin form I use and will continue to use. Check out myMailit