Click Animate Review 2018

In this article I am going to explain how to turn plr into a video course easily. Ebooks can still be sold or given away but in today’s technology you need to make videos to add value. You can take any plr pdf and create a slideshow training video in a snap. Since most plr comes with a website, I will explain how to rebrand those too.

Creating a Video Course From PLR

After reading this you will think that this was so simple, why didn’t I think of that? The first thing to do is find some plr self help pdf books. There are plenty of places to get them on the internet. Below I have listed a few places to find them. Always get plr ebooks because with private label rights you can use it to make another product in most cases, but always check the license.

Where to Get PLR Books


Personally I use the second option, Big Product Store. I have the lifetime membership which is just one-time payment. I recommend going this route if you are going to make a lot of products using plr. You can also just go to and buy them as needed.

Copy & Paste PLR Content

Now that you have your plr books, all you do is open up PowerPoint or Keynote like you are making a slide presentation. Copy one or two sentences from the plr book and paste the content inside each slide. Make sure you don’t clutter the slide with too much text.

Repeat the process until you have enough content for each topic. You don’t want to make a large video – you should only create a video for each topic so your video is divided up into sections like a table of contents in a book. If your plr ebook has hundreds of pages then only take the meat of the topics and make the videos.

Narrate Each Video

Narrate each video simply by recording the presentations by reading each slide using some enthusiasm about the topic.  This way you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. This may seem like a lot of work but in the end you will have your very own video training course you made from a plr ebook.

If you have any questions on doing this, I will be happy to help. I also have a FaceBook Mastermind group that I am starting. This group is free to join and I offer affiliate marketing help on many topics and help others get unstuck on their marketing journey. Join Here.

This is all there is to creating your own video course from plr ebooks, join my mailing list and get my free email list building training I deliver through a series of emails.

Today I am going to give you my Click Animate Review and tell you what Click Animate is, and my thoughts about the product. Click Animate is a Google Chrome extension used in conjunction with a simple script you place in the header section of any website that allows you to animate any section of that site.

I do like this product since I am always trying to find ways to draw attention to certain elements on my website. If you want to watch the video on how it works, you can see this video below. There are some things about this product that isn’t covered in the video to keep it short, but I cover those below the video.

Click Animate is a new product in 2018 that you can’t get anywhere else on the web, or the Chrome Extension store. I create my own websites and graphics and this is one reason I love Click Animate since I am a tech nerd.

Click Animate comes out of the box with 50 animation effects but you can get 80 plus more from the pro version. Most people including myself will be happy with just 50 animations but others may want more.

Click Animate Options

There are a few option settings within Click Animate you can use to add variations of animations to your website. You have different speed settings to use and this makes it great because you may want some elements on your website or clients website to move faster or slower. I will add that you can only do this as a service for other people with the pro version since the front end doesn’t come with developer rights.

Another setting that Click Animate has is a delayed setting that allows you to add delay to an element. This is perfect for when you animate more than one element and you want one element to animate after the first one.

Since you know now what Click Animate is, let me describe how simple it is to use.

How to Use Click Animate

There is step by step video training on how to install the extension once you purchase Click Animate so I won’t cover that here.

Once you have the extension installed, it will give you a script that you will place in the header section of your website. You can use it on any html site, or WordPress site. If you are using it on a WordPress site you can download a free plugin to insert any script into the header and footer sections.

Once you have the script installed on your site, you simply click the Click Animate icon in your browsers task bar and log into Click Animate. Once logged in you will then click on any element on your website to start animating it.

You will then choose from all of the animations to see which one you want to use. You can click on each animation to test them before applying the animation to your website. Once you choose the animation you want, simply type a name for the element and click the save button. It really is that simple.

You can animate any text, image, button, heck you can animate everything.

What I didn’t like about Click Animate

There is only one thing that I didn’t like about Click Animate at first, that it didn’t seem to animate the elements viewing the website on my Iphone. Now the product is able to animate on my Iphone since they have updated it. You can watch my Mobile device demo here.

I highly recommend Click Animate and Josh Ratta always puts out great software and this one is really great to have in your toolbox.

Pick up Click Animate now while it is at a low price.