About Me

About My Website

Bryant Dodd ImageFor those who may not know me, I am Bryant Dodd, and on this website I write articles about everything related to internet marketing. Some topics include; how to promote affiliate products, how to market on social media platforms, and many more related topics. I write about things and share them freely from this website, and most topics I cover here others would charge you to learn.

When I got started trying to make money as an affiliate back in 2007, it was very tough, not knowing how to do certain things and not having anyone who would give up the secrets to make it happen. I know every new person that wants to get into internet marketing will have the same problems I had, and I want to help you get a good jump start to your success.

Since I have started online in 2007, I now have my affiliate marketing business, and a video agency business. I am sure before too long I will add another business to my arsenal.

Providing Value

One thing I strongly believe in is providing great value to my subscribers and readers. There are a lot junk out there in the digital marketing space, and a lot of unlearned marketers just try to bombard people with affiliate offers.  Not everyone will benefit from every new product that has been launched.

When I create my own products and launch them, I create products based on my subscribers, so I know the product can benefit my followers. If you become one of my subscribers then you will see me sending out surveys from time to time so I can get your wants and needs in a product.

You will more than likely read some of my blog posts that have offers in them but that doesn’t mean you are expected to buy them because I give you the real value on my blog at a personal subscriber level. I always send out an email on value content I post for my subscribers. You might benefit from some of the offers I post about but not everyone will.