Best Autoresponder With No Monthly Fees

I want to cover what I think is the best autoresponder with no monthly fees, and tell you why I believe this is the best choice. Before you get excited and think that all smtp autoresponders aren’t good, you need to read the entire article and check out the demo video.

I do agree that most smtp autoresponders are crap and let me tell you why they are crap. Deliverability with these are great but the problem I have ran into is most don’t provide a way to add an optin form. The platform I will show you fixes that issue which makes it a no brainer solution to avoid monthly fees.

You will want to stay away from plugin type autoresponders because they only complicate your WordPress dashboard and most aren’t good period. Here is what you will want in an smtp autoresponder.

  1. They provide optin forms.
  2. They are cloud hosted meaning you login to another site just like the big guys.
  3. They are GDPR compliant.
  4. Cann Spam Compliant.
  5. No monthly fees, or yearly fees.

Check out the demo video below on the best autoresponder without any fees.

best autoresponder image

myMailit meets all of the above criteria listed and you won’t find all of these features in any other autoresponder service out there that has no fees ever, except the initial cost which is peanuts as of now. This is great for email service no matter what your skill level is and how large or small your list is.

Pick Up My Special On This Autoresponder

What about JvZoo integrations to collect emails after someone buys my product or through my affiliate link? It’s not an issue to capture the email from a buyer to build your buyers list. Let me give you some tips that top marketer’s do even when they are integrated with JvZoo.

For affiliates: Instead of putting your bonus delivery page link inside JvZoo, send them to an optin page and specify to fill out the form to get the bonuses. People will fill the form out because they want the bonuses. Then when they click the submit button redirect them to the bonus delivery page. For double optin you can optionally set up the autoresponder sequence after they confirm their email, your message can have the bonus delivery page link in it.

For sellers: When the buyer gets to your product delivery page or membership home page, put an optin form there so they can get updates to the product. You know they will only see this form inside the delivery page after they purchased, so they are a buyer.


myMailit is the better choice of an autoresponder with no monthly fees to run your online business. When you come to my home page here, you will see the myMailit optin form I use and will continue to use. Check out myMailit

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