How To Create Awesome Lead Magnets

Explaindio has been the best video creation software over the past few years since its launch. Explaindio 4 is set to release November 12, 2018, and this update takes video creation to the next level. Watch the demo video below to see what is new in version 4.

As you can see, you can create 2D and 3 D videos, explainer videos, Doodle sketch videos, and full motion videos. If you are a freelancer, or just like to create your own videos for your business then explaindio 4 is the perfect video software for you.

You don’t want to miss this launch because you can get explaindio 4 for a one-time fee. If you wait too long you will have to pay yearly. For the price yearly is still a great deal for this type of video software, but why pay yearly when you can get it at one-time price right?

How Do You Use Video?

Do you go to site’s like Fiverr or other freelance sites to get videos created for your business? With the training that comes with explaindio 4 you can start creating your own videos and save thousands of dollars not having to pay others to make your videos.

Maybe you don’t buy videos but you are a video creator, selling videos to businesses? Explaindio 4 will be the best tool for your video agency service. There isn’t a video software out there like explaindio, not even the earlier versions. Check out the sales page and invest in the new explaindio 4 video creation software.

This is my honest review of Covert Commissions 2.0. This system is one of the best I have promoted and used in a very long time. Yes, I am currently a member and use this system everyday. Infact, I am using this system right now doing this review. Let me give you the run down of Covert Commissions 2.0 and how it works. You are going to be amazed.

Covert Commissions 2.0

This system was created by Cindy Donovan, which is a great marketer. You can actually get in on this system free of charge and stay free if you like or you can purchase extra commissions to promote. Ok here it is in a nutshell.

The System

Covert Commissions 2.0 is a system where you will get to choose from any JvZoo or ClickBank product to promote, and if you promote a JvZoo product, you will get instant approval. This is great for new affiliate marketer’s because if you haven’t had any sales it is hard to get approved on JvZoo. You get guaranteed approval when you are a Covert Commissions member.

What makes then even better, you get approved from the entire funnel of the main product. Most of these products in the funnel are complete stand alone products which means you can get instant approval for about 5 to 6 products guaranteed. Pretty cool right?

Promoting The Approved Products

Once you get approved for the products there are promotional tools provided for you. The only thing you have to promote is the ready made squeeze page link that will give away a free report or something else. When people fill out the form to get the free item, you get the lead in your Covert Commissions account. Cindy Donovan will get the lead too because she will send out all of the promotional emails that prompt the subscriber to buy from the funnel using your affiliate links so you get the commissions of the sales.

You can also download the lead and import it into your autoresponder if you want to. If you are a paid member of Covert Commissions you can add your autoresponder list to the product you are promoting and have that lead to go directly into your lists.

Covert Commissions 2.0 is truly a complete done for you system that will help you make money over and over again by just promoting that one optin link. We all share links and images on social media anyway so why not make money from doing it?

Covert Commissions Training

Whether you are a free member or a paid member, there is training inside the members area on how the system works just as I have explained, and training on driving traffic to your optin links that will kickstart your commissions coming in. You can start for free to check it out to see if this is a right fit for you, but I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t be.


You get guaranteed approval on JvZoo which sometimes is hard to do for newbies. You only share one link and get the chance to get commissions in the entire funnel. Once you have captured a lead, the lead is yours to market too over and over, and Covert Commissions team markets to those leads over and over too.


The free account could use at least 2 free product funnels, but you can purchase missions if you want.

In this article I am going to explain how to turn plr into a video course easily. Ebooks can still be sold or given away but in today’s technology you need to make videos to add value. You can take any plr pdf and create a slideshow training video in a snap. Since most plr comes with a website, I will explain how to rebrand those too.

Creating a Video Course From PLR

After reading this you will think that this was so simple, why didn’t I think of that? The first thing to do is find some plr self help pdf books. There are plenty of places to get them on the internet. Below I have listed a few places to find them. Always get plr ebooks because with private label rights you can use it to make another product in most cases, but always check the license.

Where to Get PLR Books


Personally I use the second option, Big Product Store. I have the lifetime membership which is just one-time payment. I recommend going this route if you are going to make a lot of products using plr. You can also just go to and buy them as needed.

Copy & Paste PLR Content

Now that you have your plr books, all you do is open up PowerPoint or Keynote like you are making a slide presentation. Copy one or two sentences from the plr book and paste the content inside each slide. Make sure you don’t clutter the slide with too much text.

Repeat the process until you have enough content for each topic. You don’t want to make a large video – you should only create a video for each topic so your video is divided up into sections like a table of contents in a book. If your plr ebook has hundreds of pages then only take the meat of the topics and make the videos.

Narrate Each Video

Narrate each video simply by recording the presentations by reading each slide using some enthusiasm about the topic.  This way you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. This may seem like a lot of work but in the end you will have your very own video training course you made from a plr ebook.

If you have any questions on doing this, I will be happy to help. I also have a FaceBook Mastermind group that I am starting. This group is free to join and I offer affiliate marketing help on many topics and help others get unstuck on their marketing journey. Join Here.

This is all there is to creating your own video course from plr ebooks, join my mailing list and get my free email list building training I deliver through a series of emails.

Today I am going to give you my Click Animate Review and tell you what Click Animate is, and my thoughts about the product. Click Animate is a Google Chrome extension used in conjunction with a simple script you place in the header section of any website that allows you to animate any section of that site.

I do like this product since I am always trying to find ways to draw attention to certain elements on my website. If you want to watch the video on how it works, you can see this video below. There are some things about this product that isn’t covered in the video to keep it short, but I cover those below the video.

Click Animate is a new product in 2018 that you can’t get anywhere else on the web, or the Chrome Extension store. I create my own websites and graphics and this is one reason I love Click Animate since I am a tech nerd.

Click Animate comes out of the box with 50 animation effects but you can get 80 plus more from the pro version. Most people including myself will be happy with just 50 animations but others may want more.

Click Animate Options

There are a few option settings within Click Animate you can use to add variations of animations to your website. You have different speed settings to use and this makes it great because you may want some elements on your website or clients website to move faster or slower. I will add that you can only do this as a service for other people with the pro version since the front end doesn’t come with developer rights.

Another setting that Click Animate has is a delayed setting that allows you to add delay to an element. This is perfect for when you animate more than one element and you want one element to animate after the first one.

Since you know now what Click Animate is, let me describe how simple it is to use.

How to Use Click Animate

There is step by step video training on how to install the extension once you purchase Click Animate so I won’t cover that here.

Once you have the extension installed, it will give you a script that you will place in the header section of your website. You can use it on any html site, or WordPress site. If you are using it on a WordPress site you can download a free plugin to insert any script into the header and footer sections.

Once you have the script installed on your site, you simply click the Click Animate icon in your browsers task bar and log into Click Animate. Once logged in you will then click on any element on your website to start animating it.

You will then choose from all of the animations to see which one you want to use. You can click on each animation to test them before applying the animation to your website. Once you choose the animation you want, simply type a name for the element and click the save button. It really is that simple.

You can animate any text, image, button, heck you can animate everything.

What I didn’t like about Click Animate

There is only one thing that I didn’t like about Click Animate at first, that it didn’t seem to animate the elements viewing the website on my Iphone. Now the product is able to animate on my Iphone since they have updated it. You can watch my Mobile device demo here.

I highly recommend Click Animate and Josh Ratta always puts out great software and this one is really great to have in your toolbox.

Pick up Click Animate now while it is at a low price.

Today I am giving my complete unbiased instafunnel review which is a complete marketing solution for everyone from seasoned marketer’s or newbies. With instafunnel you don’t need to have an autoresponder, or a website to start making affiliate commissions. I will review the pros that I like and the cons.

Instafunnel Overview

Instafunnel consists one lead magnet and 5 products you sell in an automated funnel that you get 100% commissions from those sales. Once someone gets your lead magnet by entering thier email, you automatically capture the lead within the instafunnel software. Here is a further break down and how simple it is to set your instafunnel.

Instafunnel Simple Process

Simply Sign up for a free JvZoo affiliate account to obtain your account affiliate i.d. and enter your affiliate i.d. in the top field. Then click on each product under the Jack Jacker Gold button and request approval to get paid for the products in the funnel. When asking for approval just mention you are an instafunnel member to get approved.

instafunnel step 1

Add Autoresponder Option

If you use Aweber or a member of the myMailit autoresponder you can optionally add those and have your subscribers go into those lists, but an autoresponder isn’t required. Instafunnel will still capture the email subscribers and you can download those and import into any autoresponder you wish since you have captured those leads legally from the optin page. You can also just email them other promotions using your gmail or other email services and skip an autoresponder.

Simply Share Your Instafunnel link

The last step is to share your instafunnel lead magnet link and that link will send people to your Jack Jacker Gold plugin giveaway and then send them through the funnel of the products you signed up for without you having to send out emails yourself. The instafunnel system will send out a series of emails to your subscribers that will get them to click on the links to the other products and you get 100% commissions for each product they buy in the funnel.

The lead magnet link you share is found in the resources section along with graphics and banners you can use on your website. When people click on those graphics it will send them to the Jack Jacker Gold optin page.

instafunnel share link

This is all there is to setting up the system, and it is easier than what you read in this review of instafunnel. Instafunnel is really a full marketing system to help you build an email list and make easy affiliate commissions.

Check out Instafunnel now to start building your email list and earning passive commissions. I highly recommend instafunnel to anyone whether your a seasoned marketer or very brand new.

Everyone wants to get traffic to their YouTube videos and website to get those clicks to their offers or services. I now use a secret method to get my videos ranked which leads visitors to my websites. You may have heard a variation of this method but I don’t think you have my method. My method is a unique YouTube keyword training to rank videos faster than ever.

If it wasn’t for me getting people to my website, I wouldn’t be able to make commissions on my affiliate sales and I would be wasting my time. The method I use consist of a few different sources but YouTube being the main key to making this work, but like I said, YouTube is where the magic happens. My other source is using Reddit alongside of YouTube.

You can make this method work without Reddit but it sure does enhance the click rates to my site. When making this system work you have to have Good Keywords in the title of your video and proper SEO tactics, coupled with a commenting system to fire this thing off right.

I am sure you have seen or maybe even purchased products that promised YouTube keyword and SEO training that is sure to get you traffic but there is nothing like my YouTube Traffic Explosion method.

I could post this method in this article but it is pretty lengthy, but I did have this method transcribed into a video course. I can give this course away but I don’t want to give it to everybody and their cousins, so I come up with a way that only a select few can get it.

“Get YouTube Traffic Explosion Below”

So here’s the deal. When you get the traffic explosion training you can use it and charge a service to local businesses, and use it for yourself. You will need this training to get traffic to your local marketing website so you can get local clients to cash in really big.

The other option is to pay someone to get traffic to your website and services but that will cost a lot of money, and you will pay monthly to have someone keep you ranked so you can get that traffic. However, with YouTube Traffic Explosion you will have the secret method to do it yourself and for clients if you choose to make money with it.

What’s The Catch To Get It?

Simple. All you have to do is purchase LocalProfits360 and I will hand my secret training to you. With LocalProfits360 you can find clients that need help with their websites, FaceBook pages, SEO, and they will gladly pay you a huge sum of money to provide these services for them. LocalProfits360 comes with software that will let you search for leads with the issues you can fix using My YouTube Traffic Explosion and the other training inside of LocalProfits360.

YouTube Traffic Explosion

There is a lot of money you can make with local marketing, I even do it myself with my affiliate marketing. My Secret YouTube Keyword Training will be inside of the bonus area of JVZoo when you purchase LocalProfits360.

How to Create a Lead Magnet

Creating a lead magnet can be really tricky especially if you have no design skills. That’s why it is important to find a tool that essentially does all of the work for you. After all, you don’t want to fork out the big bucks for a designer as this will continue to be a repetitive task so you’d better learn how to make these yourself.

There are a number of tools available that can do different parts of the project. For example, Canva is great for covers, Adobe for putting together a PDF, and so on. But today I want to introduce you to an all-in-one tool that creates lead magnets in seconds.

Have you heard of Designrr?

Designrr is a brand new cloud based software that allows you to create eBooks and lead magnets super fast. And best of all you don’t even need to write a single word.

Here’s how it works:

1. To create a project copy and paste a URL from your blog.

2. Pick a template to showcase your work.

3. Name your project.

4. Click ‘Create’.

5. Edit and stylize (optional).

6. Save to PDF.

7. Download and add it to your blog.

The process literally takes less than one minute if you choose not to make any edits. The tool has been designed in a way that it even cleans up any white space you may have to produce a super polished finish.

You also have the option to create templates for branding purposes. You can add your logo, company colors, and so on. This way each time you write a new blog post you can grab the URL, add your pre-made template, and all of the branding is already intact. Again, speeding up the entire process.

Let’s take a close look directly inside of Designrr to see exactly how you go about creating a lead magnet.


A Look Inside of Designrr

Step 1: Login to Designrr. You will automatically be taken to the main dashboard where you can see all of your projects.

Step 2: Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to your blog. Then head over to the article that you want to turn into a lead magnet. Copy the URL to your clipboard or a notepad.

Step 3: Now head back over to Designrr and click on the ‘Create a New Project’ button.


Step 4: Paste the URL you previously copied to the ‘Webpage URL’ field and click ‘Next’.


Step 5: Now choose one of the templates. Each template comes pre-loaded with a default cover page and CSS styles.


Step 6: Once you’ve selected your template another pop up will appear asking you to name your project. Name it and then click ‘Create’.


Step 7: The project is then auto-populated in the editor. Here you have tons of different options to choose from. There are more themes that can be loaded with one click, you can change the header and footer colors, text colors and styles, and so on.

Plus, changing the cover image is a breeze. I will show you how to do that in the following steps.


Step 8: In the image below I have created a new project with a template called ‘Sydney’. Even without making any changes you can see that it is already quite striking. But let’s take a look at a few different options and the whole process of changing the cover image.

To begin we just select the cover page and then open the media manager.


Step 9: Inside of the media manager you have a number of different options. You can upload an image from your computer, search a huge database of images, and also access the pre-done covers (this is a feature of the Pro Plan).


Here are a few different options.







Which one is your favourite?

I tend to like all of them and certainly would find use for each and everyone. The options are endless.

Step 10: Publish your project to a PDF and download it to your computer.

Step 11: Upload the file to your website and share the link with your readers. And that’s it. You’re all done!

Of course you can choose to make a number of different edits and that will take more time, but I have found that you really don’t need that. The theme packs allow you to change the CSS styles with one click. And other than that all you really need is the cover image and changing the color of the headers and footers and even that is optional.

What else can I do with my new ebook?


Top 3 Things to Do With Your Ebook

Build Your List

List building is one of the most common uses of ebooks. Mainly because it is fairly easy to put together a book and give it away in exchange for an email address. But don’t forget the importance of value.

Chris Sparks says, “The trick is creating an ebook that’s of value to your audience, and making sure your site is optimized to promote it and track the sign-ups and downloads.”

When it comes to marketing your ebook he recommends that you…

Stick to the standards first. So start with your formal announcements to social media and your blog. But he says that there are some other critical things that you need to do in order for the book to actually take off.

Let’s pretend your ebook is about personal finance and it covers budgeting, debt reduction, college, marriage, and retirement.

He says to start developing each individual subject from your book into its own blog post. This is where you can get killer content ideas for guest posting on other blogs. Take one chapter of your ebook, develop it out as an independent post, and then direct people to your ebook for more information. Doing this in multiple guest posts is extremely effective. If you can’t get traction guest posting elsewhere, do it as a series spread out on your own website.


Increase Traffic to Your Website

A great way to increase traffic to your site is by sharing your ebooks on PDF sharing sites. There are numerous sharing communities that you can upload your PDF to instantly.

Sharing your ebooks has many other added benefits as well. You will increase followers, establish yourself as an authority in your respective niche, and potentially make money as well. It is definitely a win-win.

Ready to start? Here are 5 great places you can start uploading to today.

  1. SlideShare


2. Isuu



3. Scribd



4. Calameo



5. Keep & Share



Make Money

One of the best ways to make money online is to share your knowledge and a great way to do that is through ebooks.

Have you heard Barry Eisler’s story? Here’s a summary of Ryan Buckley’s version.

Barry Eisler is an author who writes thrillers about a half-Japanese, half-American freelance assassin named John Rain. John Rain is the consummate anti-hero, a whiskey swilling, jazz-loving former CIA agent battling crippling paranoia as he adventures around the globe. Readers love John Rain, so much so that they’ve landed Barry Eisler and seven of his John Rain books on the New York Times Bestseller list.

As a result of his success he was offered $500,000 from his publisher for a new book deal. The biggest surprise of all was that he decided to turn down the offer and go at it with self-publishing instead.

Here’s what he said…

“I know it’ll seem crazy to a lot of people, but based on what’s happening in the industry, and based on the kind of experience writers…are having in self-publishing, I think I can do better in the long term on my own.” (Barry Eisler)

When asked for a current update Eisler said that this month (March 2013), he expects to sell 8,000 copies of his 10 self-published novels and stories, which are priced $1-5 each. Despite self-publishing his first story only two years ago, it appears he’s made the right decision. With roughly $300,000 in royalties per year, he already beat his publisher’s offer…

What should you write about?

It seems that the biggest struggle for most people is that they don’t know what they should write about.

Write about what you know.

Maybe you’re a hobby gardener, weekend mechanic, a DIY expert…we all know things that we can teach to others. So why not start there. Write down 10 things that you can do well, figure out how you could teach that to people, and you’re ready to go.


Final Thoughts

Creating ebooks on any level should not be an arduous task. It is one that will provide great value for your business and therefore one that you should learn. Having good tools is a must with Designrr being one such option. So if you are ready to turn your existing content into ebooks, or even start writing new ebooks from scratch, Designrr may just be what you have been looking for.

Want to learn more about Designrr? Go here