Instafunnel Review 2018

Today I am giving my complete unbiased instafunnel review which is a complete marketing solution for everyone from seasoned marketer’s or newbies. With instafunnel you don’t need to have an autoresponder, or a website to start making affiliate commissions. I will review the pros that I like and the cons.

Instafunnel Overview

Instafunnel consists one lead magnet and 5 products you sell in an automated funnel that you get 100% commissions from those sales. Once someone gets your lead magnet by entering thier email, you automatically capture the lead within the instafunnel software. Here is a further break down and how simple it is to set your instafunnel.

Instafunnel Simple Process

Simply Sign up for a free JvZoo affiliate account to obtain your account affiliate i.d. and enter your affiliate i.d. in the top field. Then click on each product under the Jack Jacker Gold button and request approval to get paid for the products in the funnel. When asking for approval just mention you are an instafunnel member to get approved.

instafunnel step 1

Add Autoresponder Option

If you use Aweber or a member of the myMailit autoresponder you can optionally add those and have your subscribers go into those lists, but an autoresponder isn’t required. Instafunnel will still capture the email subscribers and you can download those and import into any autoresponder you wish since you have captured those leads legally from the optin page. You can also just email them other promotions using your gmail or other email services and skip an autoresponder.

Simply Share Your Instafunnel link

The last step is to share your instafunnel lead magnet link and that link will send people to your Jack Jacker Gold plugin giveaway and then send them through the funnel of the products you signed up for without you having to send out emails yourself. The instafunnel system will send out a series of emails to your subscribers that will get them to click on the links to the other products and you get 100% commissions for each product they buy in the funnel.

The lead magnet link you share is found in the resources section along with graphics and banners you can use on your website. When people click on those graphics it will send them to the Jack Jacker Gold optin page.

instafunnel share link

This is all there is to setting up the system, and it is easier than what you read in this review of instafunnel. Instafunnel is really a full marketing system to help you build an email list and make easy affiliate commissions.

Check out Instafunnel now to start building your email list and earning passive commissions. I highly recommend instafunnel to anyone whether your a seasoned marketer or very brand new.

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