Outrank YouTube Videos In One Day

I am going to reveal to you my free software that will help you to outrank YouTube videos in one day or less. This software I am going to give away with no strings attached simply allows you to see top ranked videos tags they use for their keywords to help them rank. You will then be able to use those tags and rank your video either above theirs, or right under their video.

You will be able to land at the very least on the first page of the second largest search engine which of course is YouTube. When you install my software on your own web host server you can be in control of a video ranking system that only you can use.

Outrank Youtube Videos In Just 3 Easy Steps

After you install the software you just go over to YouTube and search your top ranked video in the niche you want using any keyword you wish. Then choose the top ranked video and click on it to watch it, so you can grab the video url.

YouTube Video Search

Then head over to where you logged into your software and paste that video URL in the box after creating a new campaign.

YouTube Video Rank Software

You will then see all of the tags that the top ranked video uses, and you can take those tags and use them in your YouTube videos to outrank them, or at least take the second or third spot on the first page. Your video will be ranked and seen more often when others search YouTube.

This is very helpful when you are promoting CPA or affiliate offers. Even if your goal is to get people to your website for more organic reach. Tube Rank Machine is not only good for ranking a video, but you can use those same tags to rank a webpage.

This is how simple it is to outrank any YouTube video within one day or less. You can get this software from my other page here.

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