SMTP For Email Marketing Explained

So what is the difference between SMTP mail server and your average email platform that you’re used to using? You may not be aware of this but all email that goes out is sent by an SMTP relay. The only difference between SMTP and all of your other popular email services is that you never see the the SMTP settings because they are setup on the backend.

A lot of people get put off about SMTP because of having to set up a few settings to make it work. If you look at email platforms such as Aweber, Getresponse, and all other popular services, they all use SMTP relay behind the scenes and we as end users do not have to mess with. This is one of the differences between these popular email platforms and SMTP email services as we call them.

The bottom line is all outgoing email uses an SMTP relay no matter how the platform is setup or how that platform is designed.

Now that we know what SMTP is let’s talk about how we can benefit from using our SMTP email platform to send messages and build a mailing list cost-effectively.

The only thing you must ask yourself now is; if all email is sent through an SMTP relay with any email service out there, why pay a monthly fee to have your email sent? I asked myself the same question, along with thousands of others, and it didn’t make sense to me to spend money every month when there is a solution.

What is the solution?

There are some decent WordPress plugins that will do it but they don’t provide optin forms. There is a solution that I use which is the myMailit platform which is cloud based like all of the other big name autoresponder services but with just a one time cost.

You can check out myMailit here. One thing that I love about this service besides the no monthly fees is they provide everything that the big guys provide such as optin forms and done for you landing pages. They are also Cann Spam compliant, meaning this software has the unsubscribe option that goes out with each email. It also has a double optin which is optional.

If putting in a few SMTP setting works just as good, if not better than the popular autoresponder services and saves you monthly fees then why not right? Since I use myMailit I have put an image below to show you how simple the setting will be and there is video training on this inside the software. I did block out my mail server info and address for privacy reasons.

myMailit Settings Image

I use my own webhost SMTP for my account. This option is better since your not on a shared email platform, because it only uses your domain settings that only you have access to. Using email platforms that have shared domains can cause your open rates to be very low as well as higher spam issues which affects open rates. Let me explain what I mean by shared domains.

Let’s say that you are using a service like Every account that is created uses their main domain or sub domain to serve your login dashboard. The same domain is used for other users too. If those other users get spam complaints it could spill over to your account. It is the domain that gets the penalty and not you personally, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.

This is why I prefer SMTP services such as myMailit. myMailit has everything you need in an autoresponder service. Below are some of the forms they have. These are just some of the forms, not all of them.

optin form images

I hope you have a better understanding of SMTP email services and can make an informed decision about saving money on monthly fees.

Check out myMailit for yourself or at least look at it and get more details by visiting the link. Check Out myMailit.

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